Who really built Machu Pichu

 The construction of Machu Picchu was likely started by order of the Inca emperor Pachacuti, earth shaker, sometime during the mid-15th century. Inca legend relates that Pachacuti ordered the construction of Machu Picchu to celebrate the defeat of a powerful rival ethnic group called the Chancas..

The empire came to a tragic end when small pox and other diseases killed the Emperor Huayna Capac and an estimated 2/3 of the population during the years 1526-27. In 1520, a Spanish fleet arrived at the Spanish colony at Panama carrying diseases from Europe previously unknown to the Americas. Before the Spanish arrived in Peru in 1532, these diseases had spread, eventually arriving to destroy the carefully organized Inca state. When the Europeans arrived, the empire had fallen into a devastating civil war over who would wear the crown of the Inca ruler. Machu Picchu was probably abandoned at this time.

There is alot of theories of who built Machu Pichu but which theory is true.
But archeologists found elongated skulls in the temples of Machu Pichu. So I started to wonder what really happened.

 I met this wonderful lady her name was Joss, she is traveling all over the world. What a great spirit.
Machu Pichu was beautiful all the energy in the air all the people, so much fun.


A HOT SITUATION(posted 8/22/2012)

This morning I woke up thinking that today will be just like any day. Something I didn't know is that a hundred kilometers away from Quito, a wonderful city in Ecuador is... a blasting volcano called Tungurahua in Huambalo, Ecuador. Two thousand people had to evacuate Huambalo. The volcano is releasing ash and fire balls up to four kilometeres high. Amazing to think that the force of nature can do things like that. Just think about it, seeing the volcano explodes with fire and ash and as the ash floats down to the town the line of sight gets thinner, I am just saying. The wonderful life we have to share with you, stories to tell, oh and ps. I am very sorry that I don't share my stories with you that often, but hey, at least you still have my mom to tell stories. I hope to look into the sky and hope to see some ash.


A Looting Experience (Posted 6/2/2012)

We sailed from St. Lucia to St Vincent  . As we sailed past Wallilabou bay,  I spotted something on the land. It was a Pirates of the Caribbean set.  I begged and begged so that we could stay there for the night, so we did. We tied up Catlyn to a mooring and gave the guy who helped us a long rope and he tied it up to a pole. I suddenly ran as fast as I could to the dinghy and loosen the ropes and jumped into the dinghy. I  called everyone to come, so Joe paid the guy 20EC. Mom closed all the hatches and there we go. We all explored the set and I even got into a coffin where Jack Sparrow laid in. Dad waited for the customs guy and the rest of us went exploring, and we found some turtles and some puppies.  We heard something like a movie playing so we followed our ears, and we found a dodgy looking room, an old not so white cloth and a projector. On the cloth I saw `Pirates of the Caribbean` the movie, so Joe and I sat and watched the movie. After the movie  Joe and I waved our hands at Catlyn, but no movement. Eventually Dad came to pick us up.  The people who watched the movie with us invited us for drinks on their boat. So we did. There were three kids onboard plus me. We played a very weird UNO. The time came where we had to go back to our beds. The next morning mom and I went ashore and bought me a bandanna and a wrist band, with a black pirate , and we sailed on to the next adventure.   

My World(Posted 10 may 2012)
Alright. By now everybody knows I am the slave on the boat! Haha, just kiding or am I.  Anyway uhm, what was I going to say? Oh ya, Joe has left us for five days, and between me and who ever is reading this I miss him alot. He has a job at Sea cliff cottages in Dominica he`s  making a video for them. I havn`t checked it, out maybe you should. Back to me. The only thing I do on the boat is sleep, eat and work... Oh and school. I am living the dream, seeing all these cool places and doing all these cool stuff. The other day I came accross a program Gimp 2.6, you can manipulate pictures and design logos. Haha, I like the word logo. You can download Gimp 2.6 for free just type in Gimp2.6 It`s that easy. My Mom she`s still cleaning the boat like crazy and Dad he`s still cooking the best food ever .

Me and Patrick star and Jerry from Tom and Jerry.

Jelly Belly Factory (Posted 21 Feb 2012)

Such small things yet such great  taste.
I am going to take you through the four steps of making these small tasty things. 
1.      To make the jelly inside the bean. They mix corn starch and sugar and a bunch of other things. They let the jelly dry for two days.
2.      To make the shell outside the bean.  They cover the jelly with a shell. Marinating the bean in colorants and flavor also for two days. 
3.      To polish the bean. They add some more sugar and let them roll around in a moving bowl. 
4.      Mixing all the flavors and pack them.  
 Interesting facts.
They only manufacture fifty flavors but there’s 100 flavors.
They use about 60 000 lb of sugar each day.
Artists made paintings with jelly belly. It took six months to make one panting.

President Ronald Reagan`s favorite flavor of jelly belly is Liquorish. He ate Jelly beans to help him stop smoking.
PS Luke I know you `re reading this and I know you like candy. So I wrote this for you.

A SPIRIT TALKS (Posted 14 Feb 2012 )

A great spirit once said.
The rich are powerful but the poor are brave to live life with nothing. It makes you free, no worries. If you want something you work for it and then you go on till the next day.

To have everything makes you stressful and trapped in items, but a wiseman once told me that to go on to the next day you need love and I have that all the time.
Yosemite Waterfall, California

Birds in the wind (Posted 13 october 2011)

First of all I would like to say I`am back.

We`re sailing to NEW ZEALAND how excitting!
It`s awesome sailing again, on the ocean. It was the third day very much the same as every other day UP AND DOWN! And when the sun began to set a little bird rested on the starboard side of the boat. One hour later. Two other birds came along and by the time the wind started to blow away the first bird so Joe took the bird and placed her in a bowl. A couple of minutes later Joe and I took the other two birds and placed them in a bowl. And as they slept I slept. It`s morning and two of the birds flew away and one of them stayed. I liked this bird so I called her Pheebs And we ate pap for breakfest and there was a little bit left so I placed the plate with pap and she ate a lot. Soon she climbed all over you and that`s how she came into my life.

DID YOU KNOW?  (Posted 19 June 2010.)

We bought some squid by a local fisherman. We paid 32reals for 2kg fresh from the sea today, and it made me wonder about these creatures.  Squid: Some Squid can fly for a short period of time, that`s realy weird.  Most squid are about 60cm long and the Giant Squid is about 13 meters long. Can you imagine, that is a little bit longer then Catlyn.  Squid  have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, man, I wonder how big the Giant Squids` eyes are. You can eat the arms, tentacles even the ink is edible but you can`t eat the beak or the pen. The little beak look just like a tiny parrot beak.  Squid use the ink for self defence. The dark color in the ink is called melanin. The Octopus squirts black ink and the Squid squirts blue black ink and Cuttlefish squirts brown ink. Peoples` general use of the ink is for cooking and food coloring.  I didn`t try to write or paint with it, but saw it on my mom`s white table, and she scrubbed  to get it white again.

DID YOU KNOW ? (Posted 13th June 2011)

What causes popcorn to pop?
You toss a bag with a few hard, yellow kernels into the microwave, turn on the power, and wait about three minutes. Like so many other things, you have to look at the tiny particles-the molecules of water and starch, to figure out what happens when popcorn changes. Three things are needed in a popcorn kernel to make it function correctly when heated,  starch,  the hard shell and water inside. When you heat up the kernels the water inside turn into steam and pop goes the weazel. Oh and enjoy the popcorn!
. .

Muddy Bath at Gamboa de Morro (Posted 3rd June 2011)
First you wake up and get breakfast. Then sit down and eat.  After you done eating you have to get the password for your Science exam!!  This was a piece of cake. Then you nag your family to put on some old clothes and get into the dinghy.  Finally they all get into the dinghy one by one.  At last we`re on our way to the mud bath! We`re there. I climbed out of the dinghy, running towards the mud bath!  Not even thinking about the others struggling to pull the dinghy onto the sand bank. My brother started chasing me.  It’s a race. I heard him in the background. I won of course.  I jumped into the mud and Joe stepped into the mud and said that it was weird. I asked Joe where`s mom and dad. ‘Oh, there they are!  Joe said. Dad climbed into the mud and said. `The mud is cold.`  Mom is only taking photos, and after a while she climbed in and said.  `Yuck!`    I was chilling and made mud angels.  My brother looked like one of those tribe people from Africa, the Massai.  We threw each other with roots and mud.  All has to come to an end because it started raining.  That’s the end of an awesome day!

Sailing (Posted 20 May 2011)

Now it`s easy because there`s engines but in the old days there weren`t any. They had to wait for the wind or tides to sail. They  had to hope not to bump into any rocks because they didn`t have radars and charts to see where the rocks are or how deep it was and also hoped not to bump into any pirates. Well, we also have them but you know what I mean. People became lazy, spoilt and smarter. Now there is much more pollution, oil spills and people throwing their trash into the sea.
Here is a song about fish....

 As I set out my sails
a fish follows me
she wants to whisper in my ear
I can`t hear.
As she calls out my name I feel I`m to blame...
And she says
Throw us back into the sea where we can grow
out in the open deep blue that I know
so spread your fingers out on that guitar
I`ll be needing you to travel far
so come now baby grab my hand
together, we`ll form a band
I send our message accross the big A
I shall watch for you to lead the way
tomorrow they will sing
throw us back into the seas where we can grow
out in the open deep blue that we know
I then put her back in the fish bowl
may you live a peaceful life and grow old
she winked at me and waved goodbye
I`ll be seeing you when you are high.


WHAT I DO ON THE BOAT (Posted 19 May 2011)

First there is working. There`s nothing that beats geting onto your knees and scrubbing the deck. But my secret is to put a lot of soap on the deck, then it looks clean, so I just scrub, just a little with my favorite brush. His name is Joe and always gives me joy because it`s my brothers name, so when I scrub it feels like pushing my brothers` face on the deck. Just kidding or am I?  Then there`s swinging, doing 360s and going side to side and crashing into the mast... haha. 

DID YOU KNOW? (Posted 18 May 2011)

Asterix and Obelix first appeared to the French Comic Reading Puplic, October 30th 1959. This is 3yrs and 12 days before my dad's birth. This is exactly 41yrs before my birth. Book 4 of the collection is Asterix and Cleopatra. It is a 45 page story which was made with 14 litres of Indian ink, 30 brushes, 1984 sheets of paper, 16 typewriter ribbons, 2 type writers, 366 pints of beer went into the creation. I love these comics because they are so funny, adventurous and interesting and I appreciate the art.
I've got the secret to download the Asterix and Obelix collection. Email me or Face Book me for the link.

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