Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunny going to Paternoster

There is Easter Bunnies in Port Owen too, and they came to visit us in Evelyn street too, in our little face brick house....and the kids were searching for the little eggs only using their riddles to find them in the house, in the garden, across the street. It is so wonderful to experience two eighteen year olds getting excited to decipher a riddle to find an Easter egg. Maybe it is just so good for them to get away from the books, even a silly Easter egg will do.

And then we had enough. Dad, Marco and me packed our things and set sail for Paternoster. We sailed to Paternoster and enjoyed a lovely evening anchored there. No dogs were barking, no street lamp was lighting up our room, no cars were driving past my bedroom window...I snugged into Catlyn's cradle, like the fetus I still believe I am in this world. The next morning after the fog disappeared we sailed back to Port Owen at a record speed of 4 hours averaging 8.5 knots all the time. Just sitting on Catlyn listening at the water running past her hulls, watching the dolphins play, feeling the wind....that is my life! Now!

Lila leaving...

Lila left this morning. We helped Paul on his long voyage, going solo somewhere. He left us with such a feeling of building was touchable! Some time it will be us leaving for somewhere....

I am not going to write anymore on this today....the feeling inside me is just too much for words....

Not only sailing, but flying!

You think we are only sailing? The kids were invited by a friend to go flying. Bernu and his Dad took the kids flying with a little aeroplane in Vredenburg. They left early morning not knowing what to expect, but came home so excited, sharing the experience of flying in a little red aeroplane. Thanks, Bernu.

And in between Marco wrote his first formal exam, and he enjoyed this experience tremendously, feeling really grown up among the other two kids still studying for their final exam. He tried his hand to painting like his older brother, but is definitely not another artist. It is only poor Asterix and Obelix that became honored guests in our home. We go to the library every other day....

Watermaker arrived!

We've waited so long to get this little wonder.... Can you believe it is possible to take a glass of salty seawater and run it through this little miracle and open the tap to fill your glass with fresh drinking water? Well, our Little Wonder arrived and is lying ready to be installed soon. This was one of the last goodies that we had to purchase to ready ourselves for the long way over the Big Blue.

But something happened while we were out on a Charter with guests. In a stormy 40 knots wind an alarm went off. We checked everything and then realised that the noise came from the port side engine room. There was water somewhere! After we berthed safely in port Owen Marina, Johan started investigating. The alarm on the engine went off, warning us of a leak. Luckily it must be a very slow and small leak because we could only suck up a tiny amount of water. But we have to attend to this! As soon as Catlyn is going to Cape Town somewhere in the future for a big check up on the dry docks, we will be able to check out this leak.

So much for a new learning experience with our engines!


We drove the sixty kilometres to Piketberg, and drove all the way through the little town nestled at the foot of the Piket Mountains, just to turn left at the Piket Bo-berg sign. What a beautiful view circling up the mountain and reaching the plateau at the top, where a whole world opened up. On top of these mountains, farms were laying close to the sky, orchards full of fruit trees and vineyards and lavenders surprised us. We found a little nursery with a coffee shop serving coffee and cake of the day. On our way down we could see the hang gliders floating freely down the slopes.

Celebrating 21 twice!

And so we reached the day when the two little babies born the 11th of March 1989 turned 21!! Louis slipped away from Gauteng and we sailed the seas with all 5 kids celebrating life! Like "grown up men", they appropriately played in the water behind Catlyn, riding the waves and young laughter filled our day. Dinner was served from the sea, and we had a feast at Stompneus Bay. Too soon the long weekend came to an end and the boys went their separate ways again.

Jaco & Louis:

...and then they chose me

...and then they shared me

...and then they cared for me

...and then they loved me

and I

Meeting Mc Gregor's beauty...

We went to Mc Gregor to visit Jan and Hester and they shared their Paradise with us. Just off Robertson this little haven is hidden and I fell in love with the history and beauty of this little place with all it's artists living here. We went for lunch at Temenos and Marco explored the gardens full of energy. It is a place to find your peace no matter who you are or who your God will find Him here. Whenever you are in a hurry, turn left to Mc Gregor....