Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oude Post

I lost a piece of me when I walked passed this awesome house with the gigantic ficus trees surrounding it. I had to sneak closer to just sit on the little bench to imagine being part of this Old Dutch house somewhere, sometime...

The Posthuis was built in 1730, and polished engraved stones served as post boxes. It lies at the foot of the beautiful Postberge, and is a part of the Postberg Nature Reserve. No public is allowed except September and October to watch the carpets of veld flowers. I know, that no one is allowed, because I rowed over with the tender and started walking up the road when I was firmly asked by a house owner or visitor to go back to my little boat and not to walk around here, because it is private property!

It was so weird to be chased of a piece of coastal land, I thought back a little to the Apartheids years and for a moment understood....

Anyway I silently sneaked passed avoiding all the houses with people in them and so much enjoyed the walk on the little dirt road to Kraalbaai. Tortoises kept me company because I wasn't in a hurry to leave this beautifull peacefull piece of land soon. I need to make friends with some one in Oude Post soon, because I want to go back and sit on the little bench of that old house again!

Fossil park visit

Johan's sister, Elize came to visit from a grey London and with a bit of luck we found a couple of days full of sunshine to share with her.
Kraalbaai was first on our list, and we played hop scotch in the sand. Unfortunately we had a couple of injuries and stiff joints the next morning.
We spent an afternoon at the Fossil Park just a couple of km from Langebaan. What an amazing experience! Nicky, our tour guide shared all the info and touched us by his enthusiasm. Short neck giraffes, two tooth elephants washed out in this area over 5 million years ago. We stood amazed looking down on the bones still embedded in the ground. Every year students from over the world spend one month digging up the fossils. For 9 years this project is ongoing, but due to funding this site only gets a visit for this short period. There must still be so many secrets in that area waiting to be uncovered. This park with it' s museum is really worth a visit!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marco, our pirate!

Let me introduce you to our youngest member on Catlyn. Marco with his crystal soul is almost 9 years old and he is the Master of Catlyn. Before we knew where all the switches and bilges and lockers in her hull was he would do us the honours. He will find new places on the Raymarine and surprise his Dad with new functions for this computerised screen.

On a short visit to Cape Town, he would hurry us back Catlyn. Forgotten is our home in George, the only one he misses, is his water home.

Catlyn is where he does his home schooling. He is in gr3 and tries his best to negotiate him out of a day of some days he has to do two day's work! Luckily he is a clever little boy, so although I am his teacher, sometimes I let him be. His older brother, Johan is a karate champ, and Marco is starting with Karate classes in the morning, with his private Sensei.

A box in his cabin is full of his favourite toys, which shares his fanatical army fantasies. Dressed up like a soldier, or like a pirate or like an assassin he stalks any one visiting us on the Yacht. On rainy days his computer is on his lap, and a MP3 in his ears, and he tempts the whole family into playing board games.

I must tell you about his cooking skills too. It all started in Thailand, and still he loves to experiment on something nice for his family in the galley, or at the gas braai. Take note of the towel draped over the shoulder. Marco is a pro, and a pro has to dress like one.
His latest adventure after his successful snoek fishing experience, is the swing that he hangs from the top of the mast and with his feet barely touching the sea he swirls all around Catlyn.
Marco, just like his Dad is a Scorpio and together they are living their water dream!

Barge at Jacobsbaai

A buzz was going around the whole Langebaan area....New Shopping Mall at Jacobsbaai! People were flooding to this quaint little bay. The hide-away restaurant were selling more beers and burgers than ever before. We followed the buzz...first by road and then we decided to see this spectacle from the ocean. We sailed in a brisk breeze with huge swells and breaking of waves around us. And there she was already visible from afar. A big blue monstrosity hiding the little bay of Jacob. We tried to get closer, but the sea was keeping Catlyn away at a safe distance not wanting to make her a part of this human heap. Thirteen barges on their way to Europe and not China this time, broke the chains holding her to the big vessel taking her to the seas, and in the stormy weather she came to a halt in thick sand. People looking through their windows like every morning to admire the blue of the sea, only saw the blue of this big Barge obscuring their view.

A lot of people are trying to come up with a plan to remove this unwelcome guest. Will it be towing her away on the next stormy tide, or will that be chopping her up into smaller pieces?

We enjoyed the view and went back catching seven beautiful snoek...but we had to compete with the seals chasing our bait or our snoek. Our visiting son, Louis was delighted with all the fishy blessings. Dinner was organised for my family!