Sunday, April 19, 2009

Birthday on Catlyn

Friends came to visit! Charles and Yolanda with their kids stayed in Mykonos on top of the restaurant looking out on the Marina, the closest they could get to the jetties. We sailed to Saldanha, passing all the massive ships, to anchor close to the beach next to Genevieve, the neighbour's catamaran. We realised that it is not a good idea to braai fatty lamb chops on our gas was flamed eventually. The children couldn't wait to get together in the cold water, with all their water toys, and we tried to get some fish. We landed 8 stomp nose, enough for dinner. Catlyn, decorated with 44 balloons for Charles, sailed us home in a brisk breeze.

We spent the day at the scenic Paternoster, (Our Father), eating fresh hake and chips at the restaurant and giggling at the famous bar, decorated with the 'finest' underwear. Hawkers with crayfish in plastic bags were tempting us under the Bluegum trees.
Our friends left this morning and we are busy getting everything back to normal again. Johan and Janlie, busy studying for their matric exam, needed some peace and quiet and I dropped them at the Langebaan Library for 5 hours of serious concentrating.

We are planning to go to Dassen Island, about 5 hours south of Langebaan, and the Brand family from Genevieve wants to join. The weather looks good for Wednesday morning, so everything has to be checked. Crayfish nets are bought, and the two Johans are sitting together fixing the lines for the big fish trawling behind our catamarans. We were all ready for the next morning going on our first overnight somewhere away from the safety of a Marina.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your family are enjoying the dream...keep us posted!