Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Johan jr.

I introduced you to Marco, and Janlie and I would like to use this opportunity to introduce you to Johan jr. He is our 17 year old teenager living a very easy life aboard. He is our artistic child, but somehow Catlyn opened up his adventurous side. He loves taking charge of the helm, and reads the wind in the sails for maximum speed. He pushes Catlyn to 8+ knots in a 23 knot wind. Whenever the wind is coming from the right direction he is off with his wind surfer, and enjoys the safety of the Bergriver, in the company of the Cormorants and Giant Pelicans. He loves to socialise and made friends with a couple of young people from the area. Together they wake board in the river, or sail on the dinghies, or drive to Elands Bay for a body board day!
In between he tries to study for his Gr12 final exams in Apr/May this year, but luckily the expectations of a long holiday for ever from school is motivating him.

To us, he is the strong hands working the sails, the one securing the lines, the one dropping the anchor and the one grilling the meat.... We treasure the stolen time together before he leaves the nests/boat...

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