Thursday, March 11, 2010

We miss the water....

It has been too long. We got stuck in the little house with the kids stuck to their books,and no one thought of getting a new breeze of energy from the Universe! But we got gloomy....and then we started packing. We are leaving for the Blue! We knew the wind was going to be against us, but we couldn't wait, we had to get out! About two o'clock we left for Dassen Island as our final destination, and a good clean for our boat as well. It wasn't going to be so easy, and we remembered the joy in sailing is getting through the tough times. This was the tough times, with the wind and the current against us, and after battling through the night we were blessed with two 5kg Tuna! We toasted their gills with a shot of Whiskey, and set the sails for the gentle waters of Saldanha heading for Oude Post to get some sleep.

Before sunrise we lifted the anchor sailing to our favourite Dassen island. We were greeted by a couple of yachts who participated in the Langebaan Cruise. While Catlyn was having a scrub from the little "hotnotsvlooie" we were feasting on the fresh crayfish and tuna.
Whales and dolphins accompanied us all the way to Kraalbaai, where we stayed another day, but then it was back to "normal" again. The kids are under pressure for the last couple of subjects for their Matric in April, and we had to act like responsible parents again. We had an awesome sail with the wind pumping and the swells reaching 3,5m. Catlyn was surfing the waves at an average of 8knots all the time and in no time we reached Port Owen.

On this trip we learnt how tough it is to sail with the wind and the current against you. We also learnt to reef Catlyn in a 30knot wind with swells having no mercy, and to keep her from being over powered.

We miss her...and can't wait to move back as soon as the kids are we come!!!

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