Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catamaran for sale?

Shocked? For the first time since a very long time ago when this dream started, and since the eighteen months they started building Catlyn, I felt it.
The morning on our way to Cape Town didn't start well, with the headlights of our car both dead in the dark. Five o'clock in the morning isn't a good time searching for a fuse, and if the fuse isn't the problem, trying to squeeze your hand into a place to connect your newly repainted little car's headlight fittings back into place.

Leaving the kids at home and the little one in front of the TV, sulking , wasn't setting the mood right as we headed for Cape Town.

And then a strange noise not belonging to the car made us stop. Starboard wheel busted! No wheel spanner in sight, because car was getting a face lift and no one checked. The last couple of months I was only reading and trying to memorise all the things I have to check when the cat's engine is doing certain things and wheel spanners wasn't one of them. I am quite detached from the normal land living day to day things because I have to learn so many new things.

Occupants from a little house next to the road somewhere saved us. But minutes later the cellphone rang, and we were told that the corian tops we selected three months ago for all the counters are not in stock, a week before the "planned" launch of our catamaran!

It wasn't funny! But ...the boat builder survived and I did and my poor Skipper did. Hint: Don't mess with little things like table tops and linen and which pots will fit onto your little stove a week before your whole life is goning to turn upside down!

And then I felt it!

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