Monday, March 2, 2009

First sail of Catlyn

Today at four we cruised out of the marina, gently getting Catlyn out of the pontoon to the open seas. My kids were wide eyed looking at this new experience.

,Marco had his new life jacket on, but was only bothered because he didn't have a whistle.
I was really trying to listen to all this men on Catlyn talking about the main sail, sheets, halyards and all that. I thought I read it all, but being on this Catamaran looking at all the ropes in different colors, I couldn't remember a thing I learnt at sailing school in Phuket.

The fog set in, and I stood right in front listening for big ships, trying to see through the thick whiteness. I had a little sensation of what it will be like to be all alone on this big ocean with no land in sight.

The fog lifted and we could sail safely into the basin.
Johan was the stack pack mechanic, and got a crash course by Craig from Quantum Sails. He climbed and crawled and got the main sheet nicely zipped up.

I had my first sail on Catlyn, and she gently introduced me with the sway of her hips into the world of the blue seas. I am in this dream, a dream with Catlyn.

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