Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Mother shared my dream

What a privilege! My mother decided on very short notice to put all her fears aside and join us on a trip from Langebaan to Cape Town. The kids were so excited to have their Ouma on board and Janlie gave her cabin away. She enjoyed it so much and was relieved to see that the boat stayed afloat even though the sea was quite choppy!
We anchored at Dassen Island for our usual clean up, and tried our luck for a couple of cray wasn't long before Johan and Marco pulled up the net filled with some....what a lovely dinner!

On our way to Cape Town we were entertained by so many dolphins dancing around us for almost an hour. It was the first time that we experienced so many at one continuous time. And just after that dinner was served for the night when a beautiful yellow tail was landed. Again a stunning dinner with this soft white meat!

We had a busy schedule ahead. Lots of organising and planning for the big day...some day? My mother stayed on Catlyn during the day, and enjoyed herself so much, pretending she is the woman of the boat, making coffee and tea and going for a nap in her cradle. And then we had to go back to George.

My biggest blessing at home is to be loved by my dog, Rambo, and for the first couple of days we spend all the time together. I organised my house again, packing and minimizing everything in my cupboards (again) if my house is rented out.

We used the opportunity to enjoy our friends on land and treasure every time because we know one day we gonna go and we finally going to say our good byes on the deck leaving for the big blue unknown.

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