Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oude Post

I lost a piece of me when I walked passed this awesome house with the gigantic ficus trees surrounding it. I had to sneak closer to just sit on the little bench to imagine being part of this Old Dutch house somewhere, sometime...

The Posthuis was built in 1730, and polished engraved stones served as post boxes. It lies at the foot of the beautiful Postberge, and is a part of the Postberg Nature Reserve. No public is allowed except September and October to watch the carpets of veld flowers. I know, that no one is allowed, because I rowed over with the tender and started walking up the road when I was firmly asked by a house owner or visitor to go back to my little boat and not to walk around here, because it is private property!

It was so weird to be chased of a piece of coastal land, I thought back a little to the Apartheids years and for a moment understood....

Anyway I silently sneaked passed avoiding all the houses with people in them and so much enjoyed the walk on the little dirt road to Kraalbaai. Tortoises kept me company because I wasn't in a hurry to leave this beautifull peacefull piece of land soon. I need to make friends with some one in Oude Post soon, because I want to go back and sit on the little bench of that old house again!

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