Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunny going to Paternoster

There is Easter Bunnies in Port Owen too, and they came to visit us in Evelyn street too, in our little face brick house....and the kids were searching for the little eggs only using their riddles to find them in the house, in the garden, across the street. It is so wonderful to experience two eighteen year olds getting excited to decipher a riddle to find an Easter egg. Maybe it is just so good for them to get away from the books, even a silly Easter egg will do.

And then we had enough. Dad, Marco and me packed our things and set sail for Paternoster. We sailed to Paternoster and enjoyed a lovely evening anchored there. No dogs were barking, no street lamp was lighting up our room, no cars were driving past my bedroom window...I snugged into Catlyn's cradle, like the fetus I still believe I am in this world. The next morning after the fog disappeared we sailed back to Port Owen at a record speed of 4 hours averaging 8.5 knots all the time. Just sitting on Catlyn listening at the water running past her hulls, watching the dolphins play, feeling the wind....that is my life! Now!

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