Monday, April 5, 2010

Watermaker arrived!

We've waited so long to get this little wonder.... Can you believe it is possible to take a glass of salty seawater and run it through this little miracle and open the tap to fill your glass with fresh drinking water? Well, our Little Wonder arrived and is lying ready to be installed soon. This was one of the last goodies that we had to purchase to ready ourselves for the long way over the Big Blue.

But something happened while we were out on a Charter with guests. In a stormy 40 knots wind an alarm went off. We checked everything and then realised that the noise came from the port side engine room. There was water somewhere! After we berthed safely in port Owen Marina, Johan started investigating. The alarm on the engine went off, warning us of a leak. Luckily it must be a very slow and small leak because we could only suck up a tiny amount of water. But we have to attend to this! As soon as Catlyn is going to Cape Town somewhere in the future for a big check up on the dry docks, we will be able to check out this leak.

So much for a new learning experience with our engines!

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