Friday, October 29, 2010

First anchor at Dassen Island

With the screecher out in the light wind up to 15 knots all the way, we safely anchored at Dassen. We had the whole of House Bay for ourselves. Just a pity the crayfish season was not opened yet. it was such a peaceful anchor with the penguins walking the beach, and I counted 54 oyster catchers sitting in th sun!

Six o'clock we were woken with the engines running! Johan junior decicded that we had to get sailing, and so we did. We lifted the anchor, but was soon hit by the choppy sea with the huge swells pushing us forward. A 25 knot wind was howling, and we had to reef the main close to Saldanha, when Catlyn reached 10 knots.Her heavy body was heaving, but she steadied us through the big blue, passed Columbine, on our way to Paternoster. We sailed into Patermoster at 12h30 with 30 knot of southerly wind gnawing at us. We tried to find safety close to the beach, but even the trees were bend over. Only late that night the wind subsided to a good night"s rest.

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