Friday, October 29, 2010

At long last!

I just stopped! I just couldn't keep on dreaming and trying to write a blog with no hope, so I just stopped. And then it happened! We left the fierce Table Mountain behind....

So I won't tell you about all of us dragging back to George to finish Matric successfully, about burying a grandma, about learning how to scuba and, and... And about our skipper turning into a Yacht Master, and Johan jr turning 18, and Catlyn being dry docked for her belly rub and massage. So in a nut shell I didn't stop dreaming, I was still preparing, and so we solar panelled Catlyn and gave her a water maker and stocked her with lots of food and tools and diesel. We actually filled her up so badly with diesel that we found a leak on the port tank. We even pulled out the electric toilet, almost with such force that it was very close to be overboard! But it's fixed, and I think it is so scared it is working like never before!!

And so we left the fierce Table Mountain behind. We slipped the mooring lines on Tuesday morning the 26th day of October! This past year we waved so many friends good bye when they left for their long voyage, always feeling a little jealous, and here we were all alone leaving RCYC, with no one waving. Catlyn sailed out with her new 3 blade props, smoothly. Dolphins and seals accompanied us out of Table Bay. And then, God's beautiful creatures bid us farewell....two huge whales with a little big baby were joining us. The big whale rolled over and she started slapping the water, giving us a Godly wave on our last!

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