Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy, Busy!

We are busy. We are putting up the tracks for the enclosure on the aft deck. We closed all the windows with beautiful silver grey netting, which worked out to be wonderful. No more glare and heat from the sun in the afternoons, and privacy at night. We bought our sea anchor drogue and ordered our flags for the different countries we are going to visit. Wow! Imagine receiving these flags from the mail, and having them is like accepting their invitation to visit them, soon! All the canned food are marked with a permanent marker and stored, all the glass bottles are more unpaired socks going unused in this boat. Inventories are in each cupboard to stop the searching, and of course the red wine are packed away under the beds...restless sleeping!

Still so much to do in the next two or three weeks, and in between Marco is writing his final exam for grade 4!

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