Thursday, November 4, 2010

Port Owen

We lifted the anchor for a lovely sail to Port Owen, where we found safety in our previous berth from 7 months ago! With all the spirits high it felt like coming home. We knew the faces, we knew the smells, we knew the little washing machine at the Yacht Club, and the ducks quacking away in the mornings. With all the excitement we celebrated Marco leaving behind the single digits in his life, and enjoying the ten candles on his chocolate birthday cake. I succeeded in baking the first birthday cake on Catlyn in her gas stove. Although there was a slight problem of getting the right temperature for the cake, it proofed to be a foolproof cake! We can sail the big ocean now...I am stocked with flour and cocoa!

To Marco's surprise his big orange and yellow canoe arrived from Parys. It is not the fashionable French little canoe, but a sturdy canoe out of the Vrystaat! The whole family enjoyed getting wet gliding through the water. Now we are all dreaming about our six packs again...

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