Sunday, July 5, 2009

My whole family aboard

Louis came to visit! For the first time my whole family shared in this magic of our dream! We left Table Mountain behind with a sigh of relief.

We spend the night at Dassen Island again, and the kids wanted to show Louis how to catch crayfish with the net. They caught a couple of small ones and we stood amazed at the reason why Nature Conservation has a period when no one is allowed to catch crayfish. The crayfish are spawning and we saw the cluster of millions dark red eggs under their bellies. The kids gently put them back into the sea, afraid they'll anger the Sea Angels.

We sailed safely into Langebaan Marine where Catlyn felt at peace again. On the jetty was friends from near and afar. Genevieve, Catlyn"s neighbouring Cat was there with it's owners, Johan and Annette. Michiel and Marline were anxiously waving at us. Andria was ruining her boots over the rocks, trying to keep up with Andre.

Happiness is best when shared.....

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