Thursday, August 6, 2009

Barge at Jacobsbaai

A buzz was going around the whole Langebaan area....New Shopping Mall at Jacobsbaai! People were flooding to this quaint little bay. The hide-away restaurant were selling more beers and burgers than ever before. We followed the buzz...first by road and then we decided to see this spectacle from the ocean. We sailed in a brisk breeze with huge swells and breaking of waves around us. And there she was already visible from afar. A big blue monstrosity hiding the little bay of Jacob. We tried to get closer, but the sea was keeping Catlyn away at a safe distance not wanting to make her a part of this human heap. Thirteen barges on their way to Europe and not China this time, broke the chains holding her to the big vessel taking her to the seas, and in the stormy weather she came to a halt in thick sand. People looking through their windows like every morning to admire the blue of the sea, only saw the blue of this big Barge obscuring their view.

A lot of people are trying to come up with a plan to remove this unwelcome guest. Will it be towing her away on the next stormy tide, or will that be chopping her up into smaller pieces?

We enjoyed the view and went back catching seven beautiful snoek...but we had to compete with the seals chasing our bait or our snoek. Our visiting son, Louis was delighted with all the fishy blessings. Dinner was organised for my family!

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