Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moon Eclipse!

It is a long time since I was ‘Moon struck!’ Maybe I knew that it would not be a good thing for both of us to put Andando and the male crew under our spell, so I let Her be… She surprised me, ( like we do). No warning in advance to prepare for Her immense beauty to show, (just the way we like to). While I was still sitting staring over the moonlit sea, glistening in millions of diamonds, everything suddenly went dark! She did it! She even surprised me! Slowly the shadow of the Earth crept over Her sleeky creamy body. Tonight I was under Her spell! I watched her, playing with the shadow, letting it flow all over her, enveloping her, darkening her mood. But still she held me mysteriously in her spell, until her glow was a only a deep amber. I sat there in awe with Her…sharing the secrets of being. She slowly took back her color, the creamy white, but she left me under Her spell.

I knew that it wasn`t over. She wouldn`t let this moment in Her existence just pass Her by…not so easy! So She turned the Wind around, She bundled up the Sea, and She blew the Clouds into dark heaps of thunder and blackness, just to keep us under her spell. But she took pity on me, sharing the mood, sharing her feelings and she let the thunder and the black clouds circling us, but not touching us. She was just showing us her immense power…but still her gentleness of sending the white dove of safety to guide us through the storms!

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