Sunday, December 4, 2011

Posting from Alfred and Sonja _ Friends made on the journey

Hi Johan + Family,
This is Alfred, we met last Christmas-time in Lüderitz where I was with Sonja and our 2 white alsation-dogs on the MacGregor 26. We also had drinks together at the jacht-club and on board Catlyn.
We have just checked your blog again and we are absolutely amazed at all your adventures and all the beautiful places that you are visiting. The boys have grown long hair and you all seem to be in a fantastic mood all the time. You are all having such a super time in your life and the boys are mega-lucky to have you as parents. But your blog is abolutely amazing, interesting and enteraining and it seems that Marlene is doing all the writing and she is doing it perfect. Well done all of you, we envy you.
Next weekend is holiday-time again and I will take the dogs to Lüderitz and get the boat ready while Sonja still has to work another week. We can't wait to live on board our "Sweet Life" again or a few weeks. This time we are planing to sail the boat to Walvisbay after New-years-night, let's see how that will be.
Some 2 months ago I was also in Capetown for the Boats-show and enjoyed it immensely. Even the sun was shining for 4-5 days. On the way back I visited Langebaan where I want to do a day skipper course next year, and I had a look at Port Owen and found it beautiful. Unfortunately there was nobody at the yacht-club on a Monday afternoon and I had to go on. But I will sure be there one day with my own boat.
Ok, you all keep on having your super time, we think of you and check you on your blog.
Greetings from Alfred and Sonja

Alfred and Sonja and their beautiful dogs! is true that sailors are the salt of the earth. not because we sniff and swallow and live in salt, but because we care and we share! We remember Luderitz with a softness in a harsh environment...remember too many Jagermeisters, too many games with dice under a cup, and the man with the thumb sniffing tequila in lines..teaching me a lesson. Never again have we found a liquiditive yacht club like Luderitz again in all our miles! share with us your experience with your dogs while sialing to Walvis Bay...we remember two white dogs swimming the swells of the sea...and a women following!

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