Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sailing to Tonga

It was already the 13th of December 21, 2011, and we set the sails for Tonga! The stars greeted us , and it helped us to be able to see the choppy swells, rolling us around. But we were glad to be on our way. What started off as a nice wind of 11-14 knots soon died down, and we had to start the engines, to make sure we reach Tonga before the 22nd of December when Peter, Andando`s owner will join us for the rest of the trip to New Zealand!

It was my born day! I wanted to celebrate my birthday on the Big Blue, and Marco woke me with a candle wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it from spilling wax, followed by the singing low voices of my two Joe`s with chocolate cookies and coffee! The day was even better than I wanted, and my daughter and sister in law, send me a satellite phone message! Thanks for remembering…

Marco wanted a X-mas tree, and we started collecting glitzy things to put up on the big golden leaf we found in the Post office in Tahiti. Wherever we saw a big X-mas tree, we took a little piece of glitz for our own. What is X-mas without a tree? Hopefully we can buy a couple of gifts in Tonga!

Johan got his gift, when a marlin took the lure and he played with it until it swam back into the Blue. We lost so many big fish, with our double hooks completely bend open, only to see their black and purple shining bodies playing in the water.

One day the weather just changed. We woke up and the sun had a bright white shimmer to it. The sea looked even more blue, like cobalt. We could see the black cumulus clouds gathering and the rain were soon pouring down. Lightning was playing in the clouds, but luckily never close to us. We wished for the wind to accompany the squalls, but it didn`t last for long before it died down again. To Marco`s delight we travelled in time! It was the 19th of December, and the next day it was the 21st of December 2010! One day in our lives got lost, without us wasting it away by forgetting to live it! Six days later and about 894nm, Tonga islands are visible on the horizon! We can`t wait to shut down the engines, just to put down the constant noise…

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