Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marco, our pirate!

Let me introduce you to our youngest member on Catlyn. Marco with his crystal soul is almost 9 years old and he is the Master of Catlyn. Before we knew where all the switches and bilges and lockers in her hull was he would do us the honours. He will find new places on the Raymarine and surprise his Dad with new functions for this computerised screen.

On a short visit to Cape Town, he would hurry us back Catlyn. Forgotten is our home in George, the only one he misses, is his water home.

Catlyn is where he does his home schooling. He is in gr3 and tries his best to negotiate him out of a day of some days he has to do two day's work! Luckily he is a clever little boy, so although I am his teacher, sometimes I let him be. His older brother, Johan is a karate champ, and Marco is starting with Karate classes in the morning, with his private Sensei.

A box in his cabin is full of his favourite toys, which shares his fanatical army fantasies. Dressed up like a soldier, or like a pirate or like an assassin he stalks any one visiting us on the Yacht. On rainy days his computer is on his lap, and a MP3 in his ears, and he tempts the whole family into playing board games.

I must tell you about his cooking skills too. It all started in Thailand, and still he loves to experiment on something nice for his family in the galley, or at the gas braai. Take note of the towel draped over the shoulder. Marco is a pro, and a pro has to dress like one.
His latest adventure after his successful snoek fishing experience, is the swing that he hangs from the top of the mast and with his feet barely touching the sea he swirls all around Catlyn.
Marco, just like his Dad is a Scorpio and together they are living their water dream!

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