Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fossil park visit

Johan's sister, Elize came to visit from a grey London and with a bit of luck we found a couple of days full of sunshine to share with her.
Kraalbaai was first on our list, and we played hop scotch in the sand. Unfortunately we had a couple of injuries and stiff joints the next morning.
We spent an afternoon at the Fossil Park just a couple of km from Langebaan. What an amazing experience! Nicky, our tour guide shared all the info and touched us by his enthusiasm. Short neck giraffes, two tooth elephants washed out in this area over 5 million years ago. We stood amazed looking down on the bones still embedded in the ground. Every year students from over the world spend one month digging up the fossils. For 9 years this project is ongoing, but due to funding this site only gets a visit for this short period. There must still be so many secrets in that area waiting to be uncovered. This park with it' s museum is really worth a visit!

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