Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bread baking!

Jaco, our 20 year old Pisces, half of a twin, full time student, half time studying Tourism at Boland College (Stellenbosh), fell in love with the sea for ever. When he met Catlyn he found another twin. He loves nosing around her, trimming her sails, stroking her belly, diving down and saving her from strangulation.... He went for his Competent Crew and Deckhand Course and sail all around with his Skipper dad. This is what he loves and he is keeping an eye out for an opportunity doing a delivery crossing.

While his building up his experience, John our examiner told him that it is a benefit to be able to cook aboard...and look who is cooking!

I never thought I will see the day that Jaco our Two Minute Noodle Cook will stand behind the stove baking. After preparing breakfast he decided to bake us our first fresh bread in our little gas oven. I couldn't resist taking a photo for you with his hands full of clammy dough!

The compliment of his bread was in his family devouring the fresh warm slices with Irish butter.

Bravo, Jaco!

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