Sunday, November 22, 2009

Langebaan welcomed us!

It felt like coming home again. We had a beautiful sail to Dassen Island. A wind of 20 knots were pushing us towards our overnight destiny. The swells were small and the sun was basking and dolphins accompanied us all the way. We arrived at Dassen and celebrated Catlyn's first 500 sea miles with fresh snoek and cray fish.

The next morning we left with a clean" washed " boat to Kraalbaai. It felt so warm and homey, to sail into the calm lagoon and even familiar seals popping out of the waves. While sailing to anchor at Schaap Island we noticed that the port engine isn't spitting out water! Johan and the boys had to investigate. They spend the whole morning reading engine manuals and studying engine parts and then they started taking things apart and after a long time and almost giving up hope, Johan found the culprit. A little fish crawled into the sea cock's inlet and prevented the water from spitting out!

Tomorrow we are planning to go into the Marina to fill up diesel and water and spend a couple of days in Mykonos.

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