Sunday, November 22, 2009

Janlie, our Eve aboard

It is time to introduce you to the other female member aboard Catlyn...Janlie! Our almost 18 year old girl always having a hard time amongst all the males around her, is my right and my left hand. I don't know what the typical teenage girl is, but according to shared gossip with my friends she is definitely not one!

She wakes us up every morning with a cup of coffee, and then after her cup she starts doing the dishes or sweep the floor or dust the tables or just any dirty place she can find. She is the one who can get the boys to make their beds and to wipe the toilet ring. She shares her bed with all our guests in need of a bed and take her pillow to sleep in the saloon without complaint. But then she is also the girl who will frantically clean her heaven again and crawl back into her cradle.
She is a Pisces, but the one who doesn't like the cold sea and doesn't like to eat the fish her brothers catch. She looks away when they hammer the fish and slaughter the cray fish. But she is always game! She will not be left behind when her bro's jump into the blue cold, she will chase the fish away, close her eyes and jump in to their delight.

And then, to their delight, she loves baking! Fudge and cookies and custard slices and anything sweet...and luckily for her even her not so successful products never go wasted!
When she is not studying for the last three subjects for her grade 12 exams May 2010, she loves doing her embroidery or to crochet herself a scarf.
Marco introduced her to his computer games, and together they build zoo's or create life on Sims. Without Janlie on Catlyn, the ropes won't be tidied up, the fenders won't be fitted and I will be lost!

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