Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tempted in the Cape

We are lying in Elliot Basin, daily tempted with howling winds and daily tempted with the soot coming down on us, and daily tempted with miserable weather. We are tried and tested....but luckily friends came to our rescue! Charles and Yolanda and the girls came to visit and saved us. Marco and all his girl friends enjoyed the new playground of Catlyn's deck and he introduced them to his swing.

We sailed to Robben Island for the day with the sleeping beauties aboard missing out on the big swells rolling Catlyn around. But as soon as we moored at Elliot they woke up for a great time.

We celebrated our Skippers birthday true to tradition on Catlyn with balloons and cake and pizzas at Panarotti's!

In the mean time the Solar panels were mounted and they are up and running and Johan is keeping an eye on all the in and outputs. Little things were fixed and we realised that as soon as the weather cleared we can be on our way.

Ready to go, we had a last surprise when Anton and Lorraine popped in for a lovely evening and to look at our water home. Lorraine opened everything and tried everything to see if and how it is working. The next morning our spirits was high enough to set sail for the open seas to Dassen Island.

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