Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not only fun....

We have to look after Catlyn gently, for I believe then she will look after us. If you live in such a small space with the floor and the ceiling just something like 1,9m apart, no dirt or scratch escape the eye. If you walk only barefoot in your house every speck of dirt touches the soles of your feet. If you sit and walk around on the roof of your house no dirt goes unseen.... That is why cleaning takes up a big part of our mornings.

Johan and Marco spend their time in the roomy engine room of Catlyn, checking the oil and belts and drying out excess water. They just lifted the lid on the aft deck and started working. For those of you who don't know, this is very nice, because on some catamarans to get to your engine you have to lift a bed in a cabin!

If your house stands in the middle of the ocean in wind and weather with no trees to protect her and her belly sleeps in a salty water bed all the time a lot of things get eaten away by rust. If your house gets blown in all directions from all directions all the time, you need to look after all the "cloths" keeping her speed up during your journey. That keeps us busy some time.

There is no job too big or too small to attend to, and there is no inhabitant not too big or too small to do the job.

Another issue learnt very quickly is that you can pick up the cellphone in the middle of the blue and phone an expert for a problem, but the only "expert" aboard is you!!

So when the "slugs" came apart from your main sail you learn how to sew new stainless steel "slugs" on....compliments from North Sails. When the impeller from your outboard stops working and no water squirts out any more, you try to find the thing in a manual and make it work again....and luckily we 've got a lot of brains to stick together. On the jetty in Langebaan the Experts got together!

And so this amazing learning curve continious.

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