Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reunite old friends

Walvis Bay welcomed us with Willie guiding us into his wonderful world... We said good bye to the Old Year and invited 2011 into our lives. We shared our lives on Catlyn with friends from long ago. Skipper Dad memoried back with his student friends from 25 years ago, Willie and Sakkie.

Willie took us deep into the desert..Namib Naukluft and we travelled the roads searching for the stately onyx. The moon landscape took our breath away, and in the heat of the day we climbed the Blutkopje. I couldn't stop my feet from running when we stopped for the amazing Welwitchia, the pre-historic plant, and I danced over the sandy desert in search for more and bigger. It's been such a long time since I had the privilege of running earth! Many Tafel beers later we stopped in front of a cave...our resting place for the night. A house built within a cave was awaiting us...we spend the night close to the San people of many moons ago. So many places, so many people....

After a good night's rest with the jackal crying and the people snoring, we explored the farm. John showed us the Bushmen art on the rocks, where little people were hiding from the sun. Before hitting the dirt road again, we swam in the cool blue swimming pool from Oasis, the German couple, Willie and Lilo, who also introduced us the night before to Ratzeputze...a cruel bottle of German schnapps. We stood in awe when the Kuiseb canyon opened in front of us. We were touched by the desert, the sand the rocks the stubborn plants surviving, and animals adapting.

But still....we were treated to such a delicious pot of paella. Orlanda, our new Portuguese friend surprised us in the desert with this delicatesse.

In the vast distance we could feel the desert, we could touch the wind, and we could hear the silence...

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