Sunday, January 16, 2011

Training to be....

While I am relaxing on the farm I remembered that Joe and I went for some exciting courses at Maritime Training in Saldanha. Joe had fun on his STCW95, killing fires, running around with the heavy hoses. He also did an elementary First Aid Course and safety at sea procedures. The young men splashed around in a pool wearing thick immersion suits looking like red men from an alien planet.
I spent some time with Tiny teaching me the skills of a First Aider Level 3. What an extensive course with knowledge pouring in, and Tiny really putting an effort in equipping me with the necessary knowledge being responsible for the health of my people on our Yacht.

The next week I spent with Janine. I did the Ship Captain's Medical and learnt to do an IV, pushing needles through dolls all over. My surprise came one morning when I had to stitch up soft bloody livers, simulating somewhere on the human body, and tough pig skins as rough as Dad's heels! But that was not the end... For my exams a very friendly pig was awaiting me. Janine made sure that Miss Pig was badly hurt, and I had to stitch up fleshy wounds while she was grinning at me! For the next month or so, Spare Ribs wasn't on my menu.

But I did it, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, and then I could go off to Ysterplaat Medical Supplies, where Frieda assisted me to fully equip my medical bag. And now I do have the confidence of taking my family on this trip over oceans.

But we made sure we weren't the only clever people on Catlyn...Johan also did his Yacht Master and now we are in for safe sailing!

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Annie R said...

I think you were very brave and wise to do the advanced first aid course. Let's hope you're not the one wounded!