Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finals at Walvis Bay.

There is a peaceful feeling around Catlyn. None of the inside turmoil I suspected, and the whole morning was spent taking stock. The fridges and freezer were unpacked and organised, the cupboards were repacked and all my glass ware and little precious things were safely bubble wrapped and packed away.
The engines were cleaned and we did a test run with them to see if the white smoke is gone. Everything looked great. We hoisted the main sail because we replaced the main halyard and siliconed the mast and the main was running smoothly up and down.
It is not easy to find good fruit and vegetables in Walvis Bay, but for an arm and a leg we got some. appreciate your country South-Africans! Mangoes are R20 plus EACH, little squashed avo's are up to R25 EACH, and 6 petite naartjies R40!

Tomorrow afternoon we hope for the wind to pick up and push us deep into the ocean, when we leave around 14hoo!
We are ready!

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