Monday, January 3, 2011

Sailing to Luderitz Bay.

We left Port Owen, with Marco shooting an arrow with a good luck message attached and Joe blasting it away on our fog horn and the soothing sound of the gift from Allen, Sailing Away, on the speakers! The wind was generous and we had a great sail and a beautiful first sun set. But the wind only lasted until 3 o'clock the next morning, only to let the fog in and to gather the thick clouds hanging heavy over us for the next four days. Luckily the sea was good to us and offered us, three beautiful blue fin tuna on the lures. We couldn't resist to start cooking the rice for sushi!

And so the wind stayed away and the sun and we motored and waited for every breath of wind to try out the screecher or the genoa, just to shove a very heavy Catlyn forward. Again the sea blessed us with a yellow tail, just big enough for the pan, because the fridge was now full of fillets of tuna. We lazied away with books and Monopoly and Dominoes.....

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