Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Bird Story

The night we were battling to reach Wreck Bay, Joe and I tried to take a nap while our Skipper motored us closer to the Bay in the dark of the night. He was so tired, after not really sleeping well for 9 days now, but the universe saw his eyes battling to stay open, saw his shoulders slumping and the great fatigue settling in. So close to the end… Tonight he is going to get lucky! They send the boobies! The white shadow was following him, catching his eye, invading his male space with her clever touch, teasing him into giving up his fatigue and to give her all his attention. The white booby flew next to Andando flirting with the white on the waves, trying to catch a morsel from the sea. And he succumbed to her flirting, and shone the light on her. The beam of the torch revealed her beauty, her softness and her determination. Enchanted...She had him in her spell, hold him... He shone the light on the water, caught the fluorescent eyes of the sea morsel trying to get away from a predator. And then, it was her being caught in his spell. He coaxed her with the light of his torch, forward and backwards, playing her until she understands his game. She dove down, trusting him and his light, and she filled her beak with a little gift from the sea. And she took away his fatigue, his aching muscles and she gave him a sense of being alive again! That was the night our Skipper played with the booby!

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