Saturday, October 1, 2011

So blessed...

Tonight we had our first dinner at Andandos` saloon table! We had a delicious take away pizza from Joe`s Restaurant in Coral Cove. Andando is starting to feel and to smell familiar now. We cleaned her spotless, and made notes of all the small paint and gel coat repairs which have to be done in New Zealand. Marco cleaned the engine rooms today and Joe went up the mast with the silicone can, spraying the sliding track of the main sheet traveller and checked all the halyards and shackles.

Yesterday Marco painted the tops protecting the tables and counter tops with a black enamel paint, and it made a huge difference. Now I can wipe them clean with a cloth. The previous crew did not adjust and set the flame burners of the temporary gas stove and I do not have to tell you what long yellow flames leaves underneath a pot and what a soot bottom pot is doing to wherever you put it down. The burners are adjusted and the flames are short and blue, no soot anymore on Andando.

The last remaining previous crew member moved to the locker on the bow, and his sleeping bag on the trampoline, and I think we would have to check the boat thoroughly before departure for any `illegal` crew! I am sure now that Andando is so beautiful, he must regret not finishing the journey with the previous Skipper. But we are so thankful for all the previous players in this saga, for leaving Andando here in Trinidad, and giving us this amazing opportunity. Blessed are we...

Last night we enjoyed a barbeque with a lot of friends, having lamb chops on the fire, imported by Hi Lo stores here in Trinidad from New Zealand.  Marco was spoilt with a piece of `boerewors`,  Larry from Yacht Beatrice shared with him. A lady by the surname, Van Tonder in Grenada makes her own `boerewors` to sell. I smelled it and I could smell the pepper and coriander and I could see Marco savouring every bite, with his eyes closed.

This morning Dave, the American came for coffee. Joe and I met him last night at the barbeque and when we heard that he sailed through the Panama before, we decided that this is someone we have to get to our Skipper. `Till now everyone we met is just talking and speculating about the Panama, we couldn't find someone who actually did it! And here he was,only two days before we are planning to go. He left us after a couple of coffees and with valuable information.

Tomorrow is Carlyn's turn!

She needs to be washed down and to be polished all over outside. And inside I need to clean her thoroughly and store everything so that nothing gets mouldy. I am going to take advantage of Peak's huge 6kg industrial washing machines to wash everything I can for a clean start.

Andando has two empty holes staring at me for a dishwasher and a washing machine to be fitted in New Zealand. Blessed?

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