Sunday, October 30, 2011

Early Morning Wreck Bay, Isla San Cristobal

I didn`t want to wake up at 06h30, but the anxious agent was at our door step. Big Joseph came aboard with about 5 men, the Port Captain, the Water guy, the Fuel guy, the Fumigation guy…bombarding us with all the regulations and fees for being in this pristine Nature Reserve, protected by the Darwin legacy.

We thought we could stay for 72 hours according to info on Noonsite, but big Joseph assured us about new legislation…only 12 hours to stay without a 100US$ fee per person for the Nature Parks. Thanks to Internet our Skipper quickly studied Law 50, and convinced them that we could stay for 72 hours without paying the Park`s Fee allowing you to stay for 21 days. I wish, but yes, we`ll have to come back!

How can I forget? There was a Laundry guy too, and he left with two big bags, all our sheets will be washed in fresh water! Johan and I took the water taxi, all for 50 USD cents p p to touch land again! Boy, was I sick! I`ll rather be sea sick… Joseph took us to the fresh market and we found good veggies at good prices. Broccoli, cabbage, bag of tomatoes, bag of garlic, radishes for US$1 each per item or bag.

 Meat was hanging in the butcheries, and the chicken looked good.

Back at the boat to fetch the boys who was changing the sail drive oil and checking the engines, they dove into the ice cold water to check the rudder and props etc. Johan checked it as best he could while the boys forgot about the rudder and the props and were swimming with the seals and the colorful fish!

Beautiful curious shops greeted us, and I bought the T-shirt. I bought the post cards for all my loved ones somewhere, which I mailed under the big blue boat.

We loved this little island with its Mexican feel many years ago, according to our Skipper, and to me I felt the remoteness of St. Helena I loved. Lots of seals make sure, us humans know this is their island, and they roam the beach road. The Galapagos seals live here, love here, and have their babies… We watched a naughty wet new born baby. Typical he was battling to get away from his mother, away from the sandy beach and the blue water, and into the Big city with the bright lights!

It was Halloween, and we thought we`ll crash a party, so we were dressed up for a change, wearing long pants and our best T-shirts looking for a trick or treat for our birthday boy tomorrow. We met the crew from Konodoo, the Irish couple who came all the way from Australia and are on their way to the Panama!

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