Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marco`s born day!

I love doing what I am doing! It gives me the wonderful opportunity to see my children grow into people with inner strength! We woke him with two candles of one…11…shoved into a cinnamon bun. Dad helped me blowing the 11 silver balloons and searching for plastic bags to wrap all his little gifts. Joe woke up and the three of us, were designing our own special birthday card on scraps of paper. This is something we learnt from Janlie, our daughter studying in Stellenbosch (SA). This tradition we saved.

We woke him with our low voices, and the love in our hearts filled the boat. He loved his new knife his daddy gave him. He loved the key chain with the scorpion, his star sign, his brother gave him. He loved the yo-yo his mommy gave him, and he loved the plastic army figures he bought for himself! He slept in his new sweater from Galapagos. He was feeling so special with little things from earth, and loads of blessings from the world around us. I love him so, for singing happy birthday to himself all day long. If only we all could learn to love ourselves so much…

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