Saturday, October 15, 2011

Panama Canal

Today at noon our two line handlers will join us, and we will be leaving at 13h00 towards the Canal. We are nervously excited!  Eric, our agent assisted us in everything to make sure all the paper work was done, and he made sure that we know exactly what to do. He dropped black tyres wrapped in black plastic, which we reinforced with tape. We bought some rope to fasten onto the tyres,  but we will do that as soon as we are on our way. He also provided us with 4 very long lines, which we will use to control Andando in the locks.

I can keep you busy with a lot of wonderful information on the Panama Canal, which was built by the Americans about a hundred years ago. Joe interviewed Eric, our agent and is busy editing a video on the who and the what of the Panama Canal, and it will be available soon.

Follow us today, 16h00 our time, but back home in South-Africa, about 22h00! Come on get your blanket, and share this with us!

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