Saturday, November 26, 2011

Andando's turn

With our tummies full of fresh baguettes and lovely cheese, and the memory of the chocolate soft serve ice cream still cold,

we were refreshed and ready for a hard days` work on Andando! The boys borrowed jerry cans from the other boats and started the water run. With our dinghy with no engine and only the two horse power of the oars, the boys set rowing to fill up the 700l in Andando`s tummy.

Johan serviced both engines, and started scrubbing the aft deck. With fresh water, we took the opportunity to abuse it! Not to the boys knowledge of course, but as soon as they empty a can, I fill up a basin and scrubbed Andando`s inside. It took us the whole day to get her feeling good again, after being covered in salt for so long. But a big job is laying ahead of us. Andando`s hull is disgusting! After sailing with Catlyn for two years, I`ve never seen growth like this! Not only is her green beard growing, but these funny looking creatures are stucked to her! I hope we can anchor and dive sometime in the future for a proper rub and scrub. As soon as we reach clear water we can try and get rid of some of our guests, but I would like to really tickle her belly!

After a hard days` work, our energy levels were still so high, and Marco got us into playing Charades! He won the price with his fish, and Joe gave a new meaning to Ice Age…

Ps. I know that some of our friends in SA planned to sail away over the Blue soon…Allan and Ursula with Windward, and Bert and Michelle. Tell us about your plans!

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