Saturday, November 26, 2011

Leaving for Tahiti!

ok...we had to jog to town...and only then did we bum a lift...and we got washed down in the dinghy!!

We are getting ready to leave for Tahiti, Papeete. I refused to leave yesterday on the Friday, you know, I am
super superstitious about starting a journey on a Friday...

Johan is outside fixing our main sail, where the fitting broke lose, because it looks like we going to need our main sail in the strong winds ahead. If we can trust the weatherman, it is going to be a slightly tougher sail than the one before! But we'll see and we'll sail...It is raining alot and according to the local people it is quit extraordinary.

We had guests over last night for drinks and snacks, and they sailed this area for four years, and we got the best route from them, so now it is up to Andando, the Big Blue and the Wind!

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