Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last post for Galapagos

Isn`t it amazing how much you can do, if you have a limit of time? Why do we waste so much? Before I get carried away… We had only one day before we sailed away to Marquesas, Marco`s born day at Galapagos, and we loved it so much! With the diesel and water filled

and my 25kg of washing done for me, we were in the little town looking for a place we can create a memory. With a couple of choices, we went to one of the back streets, and found a place with wooden tables and yellow table cloths. Local people were already enjoying their lunch. This was going to be it! I noticed that we were the only Gringoes, and I also noticed the same juice on all the tables with a white plate with the same food, rice and chicken. A black board stood at the entrance with the three wooden steps, and written on it, 6$ and the word, `pollo` which I knew is chicken in Spanish! As soon as we sat down at the yellow table cloth, I just caught a glimpse of the black board vanishing into the back door of the restaurant.

We ordered four of the meals on the black board, not understanding the rest of the Spanish, but the guy with the pin stripe moustache said ,`Sorry, the special is finished.` And it is back to the menu, with 9$ a dish. In broken Spanish sign language I showed him all the other peoples` juice and plates, and politely gave him back his menu. Getting my family from their wooden chairs, we will be on our way! With business on its way out, he very quickly told us that he is just going to find out, maybe… Soon we were having what the people were having, for 6$ and so were a lot of new local guests arriving!

Popcorn and soup was our entrée! From now on that will be the way we eat our soup… After the delicious rice and chicken with a touch of salad, we enjoyed a pink sweet desert, something like a mousse, and the big glass of orange juice on our yellow table cloths!

The rest of the day we illegally walked into the Nature Park, just following the beaches, where the big Galapagos sea lions were basking in the sun. Marco swam with them, while they play in the water. We saw the iguanas sitting on the black volcanic rocks, the blue footed boobies and grey pelicans looking for something to eat. We ended the day watching the sun go down over Frigate Point, where the statue of Charles Darwin stood etched in the last rays. We knew we had to leave this magical place…

Ps. We were offered an illegal tour to three islands and the Nature Park for 150$, but we didn`t want to risk being in trouble in a faraway country with a language we didn`t understand. Illegal because you need a Park Permit to enter the Park,  USD 100 per person when clearing in.

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