Friday, November 25, 2011

Living Andando

Andando, also a Maverick 40ft catamaran,  is our water home for almost two months now! It took us a short while to get use to the small interior changes on her compared to Catlyn. The height of a door entrance is slightly lower, and Johan keeps on bumping his head. I keep on pulling at a door to free it from its magnet, only to realize that it is kept by two little screws in the wall. Looking for the light switch only to find it at another place etc.

I enjoy the spacious saloon, and our family social around the table a lot of the time. Andando's saloon area is bigger than Catlyns while the kitchen(galley) area is smaller. I am getting used to the different lay out of the galley, and I can imagine cooking up a storm with a nice stove, and not our little temporally gas burner.

We enjoy the bat car system of the main sail. It took us some time to get use to the genoa, but by now she is flying in the wind. We still enjoy the screecher the most, and in these light winds nothing beats her. Our Skipper enjoy the 2 bigger Yanmar engines the most on Andando.

I will not do a crossing without a water maker (if I had a choice)! I really miss our Little Wonder Water Maker! Although we use our water very sparingly, about 700 liters for 4 people for 22 days. We used about 30 liters a day, cleaning, washing clothes and rinsing dishes. Not bad at all! But I will do a lot of things for a long hot shower. I keep on thinking about our Little Wonder. It is able to make about 28 litres of water in an hour! With the 1000 liters in the tanks and the Little Wonder around…life will just be so much cleaner!

My only concern still is the two electrical toilets. I do get anxious, and I listen to every noise slurping and chopping coming from these two monsters…I still think it is a good back-up to have one manual toilet.

Ps. I do miss my green garden which I left on Catlyn. Hopefully my little basil, my avocado tree and my coco palm and my pineapple flower are surviving. If anyone is still out there close to Peakes in Trinidad, please go give Catlyn a huggy.

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