Thursday, November 24, 2011

What do we do at sea?

Watching the sunrise's over the Pasific
 It is our nineteenth day at sea, the longest that we`ve ever been at sea without seeing land. Previously, we sailed 18 days from St. Helena to Salvador, Brasil. We are all so good.

We read a lot.....

 We think a lot.....

 I swopped a lot of books at Panama, and we have our two e-book readers we ordered from Amazon just before we left Trinidad, full of a lot to read. We watch movies on the TV, and enjoy the old series, ` Friends` the most. Johan still make the best food aboard, so even though our supplies are thinning, we eat like spoiled sailors.

We eat alot....


Tuna Steaks with Tramezzini's

Chicken Stew with veggies - South African Malay sauce Elize brought us with a visit from London, bought in London.

Make sure you try the recipe of the `Mosbolletjies`. To my French friends, it is really easy and delicious bread kind of recipe.

I still do spend a lot of time cleaning, with a little bit of fresh water, and I have to sweep the floors every day. It is just amazing how the dust from somewhere, maybe our clothes and sheets, and the human hairs and the scraps from all Marco`s improvised toys just dirty the boat. One morning we woke up with stuffy noses and a black dust covering Andando`s deck! We were 1500nm away from the closest land. Is it possible for the polluted air to travel all this way? and yes the Mom's duty of cutting little ones hair...

Marco still has a lot of fun aboard. Of course he can`t do his exams this last term, but with the years` work done, Brainline ( home school program from South Africa) will use his 3 previous terms. I didn`t bother to concentrate on old work anymore and started stimulating him with new Mathematic problems, like Algebra. His Dad is doing Computer Studies with him, and today he is learning to make a spread sheet! He is forced to be creative with only his Nintendo and a packet of small plastic army figures aboard. He collected the cans of empty cold drinks, and made a town for his soldiers. For days it kept him busy. He cut up a piece of card board, I covered the shelves with, into a sword.

 Getting his Dad involved and then his brother, the most beautiful sword was created! Apparently there is a piece left for a shield. Even empty plastic 5lt water bottles became toys! Marco and Joe had their bottle fight in the sun set. Everything aboard Andando is a potential toy!

Joe doesn`t miss a sunset, and in his yoga position he sits on the front deck every evening. He does his Karate kata`s, balancing while Andando moves around in the swells.

He made a kite from scraps on the boat, and soon our whole family was excitedly gathering outside, trying to fly it over the ocean.

He is the one washing down the deck, cleaning our barbeque, and checking the oil.

And we play cards! And we lose every time! Marco and his Dad is a formidable team!

Watching the sunset's in the Pasific

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rgesner said...

Today is Thankgiving Day in the USA and we just finished reading your entire wonderful blog, while holed up on a stormy day in an inn high atop a cliff on the Oregon coast, watching to stormy seas breaking on the rocks. (Wind 42 kt, gusts to 50 kt. heavy rain, swell 8 ft at 13 seconds. Wind waves 12 to 13 ft.) Not a lovely day for sailing here, but for dreaming of the day when we too plan to sail the globe in a Maverick 400. Thanks for being the first :-)