Monday, November 5, 2012

Back in Lima!

We left Cusco, in the Cruz del Sur bus. It was a long drive of about 22 hours, but as soon as we got the "lazy boys' in horizontal position and the snacks on our laps, we were good to go! Surprisingly it was a very pleasant drive, and we reached Lima just before lunch! We booked into the same hostel as the previous time, because we enjoyed it there, and I can defnitely recommend it to other backpackers. K`usillu`s Hostel with Ricardo as your host!

This time we had time to enjoy Lima, the big city! Someone said, it reminds her of a city like Amsterdam, to me it was a big city with it all! In this city I met a beautiful women, Magaly, in her shop in one of the markets. It always amazes me at the power of women, and she was such a great business women! We shared a couple of moments, and I remembered my days working in one of my boutiques, helping a women to look beautiful!

We went to the centre of town watching the historical buildings and cathedrals, which was so beautiful renovated and kept. It was the change of the presidential guards, and I loved the procession in Quito, Ecuador, and was excited to see the one in Peru! But it was a disappointment! They just didn`t have the flair or discipline of the men in Ecaudor!

We walked the streets on our way to China town, and found corn! We saw them in Ecuador, but never tasted them, and here was a young girl selling them on the street. It was delicious! We saw corn, shades of white, and with big kernels and with small kernels, and I especially took a photo for my farming brother in South-Africa of the black corn!(maize)

I had to take the photo of the stall where they were selling warm jackets for dogs, big and small! It was so cute, a Spiderman, a batman and so many more! It was a pity I didn`t see a doggy wearing one of these outfits!

We left Lima for Guayaquil, but as soon as we reached this terminal we felt like going straight to Quito, and not searching for a place to stay. Three hours later we got onto the next bus, the local ones, and were heading for Quito! We arrived after a very speedy night in the bus, and were in time for a long warm cappucino and croissants at a nearby Pastilleria! With our tummies filled we found a lovely hostel, and had a long warm shower!


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