Friday, November 30, 2012

Valle Escondido and life!

It is a month since we moved into the house on the green of the golf course with the birds now very regular guests. Two little light blue feathered ones are sitting each morning chirping, waiting for freshly sliced oranges or guavas!

I have to tell you, the other night I went out to enjoy the cool of the night, I for the first time in my life I saw a possum!  What a  'beautiful ugly' little animal, I tried to take a photo, but the flashed scared him away. I saw his foot prints in my garden the next day, so I will get him the next time.

I am getting used to being stable in one place, but I still walk around the house and the garden just loving it! The boys wait for their tea and cookies in bed every morning, and only then will they lazily get out. Marco is finished with school, so now he is even more relaxed than ever!  Oh, yes he won a competition launched by Brainline to tell them his story, about homeschooling, and send his prize, a set of earphones to his Aunt in SA.

Joe took some time getting used to being in a house again, not worrying where to eat and sleep, standing in the shower for so long, but he is starting to act normal again. Normal? Now what will that be anyway?

We still do the Insanity exercises every other day, always trying to inspire the lazy one for the day. And we love going to the Club House after six, because that is the only time Marco is allowed to swim in the pool! No children under 14 before six in the evening, is the rule. We start with a little work out in the gym, (Marco is not allowed in the gym at all) so he swims and waits for us, while we sauna and then he joins us in the jacuzzi, bubbling us away!

My Landlord gave me permission to fool around in the garden, and the farm girl in me, enjoyed it so much! Each night I crawled into bed with a couple of aches and new pains, and spider bites, but I can`t wait to get back to the soil the next day. It was a challenge to clean up the garden, and to find new spots for overgrown plants, but it is starting to look so beautiful! I got the irrigation system running and the whole garden is smiling!

I am still fighting my battle with the ants, but not even that is breaking my speed! Thanks Jennifer for helping me in my battle. I have to introduce you to this dear friend of mine, remind me of that! I told you before...I love strong women, and the role they play in my world!

PS. I am going to let you be for a while. It is our 25th Anniversary, can you believe that? My Johan is taking me away tomorrow where and for how long, only he and the boys know, so as soon as we are back, you will know too!


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Taunya said...

This is a little late, but if you have the problem on your return, or elsewhere - the best solution I've found is to use diatomaceous earth. It is not a pesticide, it is a fine dust that is made of the skeletons of diatoms (which are marine phytoplankton). Because of their nature, they will puncture the exoskeleton of insects and they have no defense against it. but it is just inert dirt to us. You can sprinkle it where-ever the ants are coming, and they will not continue to cross the boundary. It only works while it is dry and must be replenished if it gets moistened.