Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boquete, Panama!

I am living the life! I am still not used to having a house, so I find myself walking up an down, finding a cob web, cleaning a corner.....!  For so long I`ve been so used to cleaning and maintaining, seldom sitting on my butt doing nothing, that I just can`t find peace yet!

 But I love it! I love getting up in the mornings, with the sounds of the people in my house still sleeping, mingling with the new sounds of birds I`ve never seen. While the kettle is on the stove, I watch them, nibbling on the fresh oranges and guavas we left for them in the bird feeder. At night I keep on one of the lights outside, to attract the bugs and hairy moths, food for the insect eaters the next morning. And then the kettle whistles....

When I walked passed the  bedroom, there is a huge human bundle under the blankets, and when it moves, the wild hair stirs, ready for a hug and a warm cup of tea! Joe is home! We share stories, laugh a lot, cry a bit, hug all the time, as if we want to keep the time to stand still forever! Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Johan fetched him about a week ago, driving back to Panama City with our rental, and the two of them stayed over in a hotel, only to come to us the next day with the bus. The eight hour drive flew away, and before they knew it, they stopped in a very wet David. They left behind the noise of the city, and the Red Devils (busses) honking and polluting the air!

Peace and quiet, this is what they came to, in Boquette! We are staying in a beautiful house, on the gholf estate, Valle Escondido. It took me a day and more to make the house mine, and now a week later, I live here between the mountains with the sound of the river close by. I bake pancakes if it rains, and soup for the chilly days, and Johan spoils us with his master pieces, loving the big kitchen!

While living on our yacht, Catlyn, I fought the battle against mold/mildew and over here I found a new one. Sugar ants! It`s been a week now, and I am a mass murderer, but there are no signs of them moving on, or their numbers diminishing! I tried salt all over the kitchen, cupboards name it, I tried a strong poison all around the outside of the house, I followed them to corners, but still....

If you have any ideas, this time I need your help!

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