Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our bornday boy!

Panama, in a hotel room, half past four in the morning, or actually before the start of day, and Mom and Dad were trying as best they could to get up softly! Marco wanted his day to start the same time as when he saw the first of this world twelve years ago! It was 12h30 in Unitas Hospital, Pretoria, SA, and with the time difference, it was now!

Already he was stirring with excitement, as I was searching in my slow brain for the 'fire lighter' to light his candles. We arrived yesterday afternoon in Panama, and went straight for the Hotel and peace. We were fetched by a Driver from Hell (shuttle from the hotel) from the airport!

Late that evening we realised that it was our sons birthday tomorrow, and we were not prepared! Luckily I bought some candles in Quito, some time ago. We went for a stroll, with only hospitals close to us, and a "one women show" little shop. We found a fresh doughnut, and some sweeties, and along the street beautiful yellow flowers.

We sang to Marco, just the two of us, and it sounded so wrong! We were a choir of seven not too long ago, and now, only two of them left! But Marco didn`t notice, and enjoyed his birthday cake, and his candles and all the hugs and kisses. Janlie, his sister was the first to call, and he enjoyed Joe on skype, and Jaco the night before, and then all the messages from his family and all his friends.  We enjoyed a day at the Albrook Mall with our birthday boy!

Happy bornday, Marco!
30 October 2012.


 2005 : Our Kids from Left (Louis, Joe, Marco, Janlie and Jaco)

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