Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blessed with a big birthday!

Loving life!

It was his big day! It was his big year!  Or was it three? Or was it fifty?

199? somewhere.....

The chef on his Catlyn!
True to tradition we woke him with our voices, stronger because Joe`s deep sound was here, and a box baked chocolate fudge cake and his two candles! And we spoilt him, with the best gifts ever! His favorite food, a softly curved avocado, waiting for him to treasure it, and squeeze it every day, just gently until she is ready for him. A packet of his favorite Lays chips, not his favorite flavor though, but the green bag of cream cheese and chives had to do, to balance the bitter sweet taste of Panama beer. But we loved him in his bed with hugs and kisses, more than all the gifts in the world, and our home made cards with our own messages and poems...

Janlie, our daughter was the first on Skype, and he sat on the steps for an hour with his sister from London, and he loved Facebook with all his people, and he ended his day with our family in South-Africa! A loved man was he....!


I`ll share Joe`s birthday card for his Dad with you....


We are already one, and we imagine we are not
and what we have to uncover is our original unity.
Whatever we have to be, is what we are.

I am happy to be in your presence again,
father and son together as one.
The skies may separate heaven and earth
every morning she shall give birth,
not to good or not to bad,
happy or sad
but to a fresh, new beginning that glows with love.
It`s the egg of life,
the radiant sun that lights the earth to provide new beginnings,
may this day be a beginning like no other
where God`s grace shines brightly on you,
and brightens this day forever.

Blessings and Love, this is my gift, it is not a brilliant thread
of Light between my heart
and between yours.

I love you Dad, thank you for being a part of my life.....

We love you, Daddy!

Our whole family with Granny.....2002!
from all of us....

Always on our way to.....

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