Monday, March 4, 2013

Brainline Home schooling!

School started again for Marco! from experience we learnt that it is not a good idea to try and receive his Brainline CD in Trinidad with the year`s work on it via mail!  We abused family in SA, and then Margaretha brought it back in her bag, coming home to Trinidad!  So we could start this year a little bit earlier...but not before carnival!

Very carefully he also planned his life around the 80% social, and enjoyed the kids on the hard! Luanna, from Germany the beutiful blond, and Tanzi, the beautiful brunet, and Michael her brother, with the bicyle!

I so wish that bicyle could talk. He got it from a friend in Brasil, and now he is fixing it up, but it is working, no matter what!

Have you noticed how Marco has grown? It came as a little or now big shock to me, when I watched him going up the mast, siliconing and checking! Who needs a big bro` now?

But oh yes, this was about school! Marco is almost totally studying on his own, doing his summaries, and excercises, and I only keep a close eye on him and Maths. He is loving Maths at this stage, because it is all new work!  History is one of his favorites, because it is about the evolution of the Homo Erectus! Every day, or let me rather say when we get up in the morning and we have a peaceful morning with tea, he spend about two hours doing his four lessons for the day.  The summaries we found out is great, he is 80% prepared for the exams after doing that in his coloring pens! Right now, he is preparing for his exams starting during the week!

Can you remember this little boy, only four years ago?


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