Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Margaretha dear!

This blog is dedicated to her! I wish you could meet this person who came into our lives, and for those who did, you are so blessed!

Just like her name says, Margaretha, she is a 'Pearl'.  her name originates from German and Dutch, but that is way to boring for who she is, way to robust, way to restricted, and I kept on searching until I found her name where it belongs! Scandinavian! And there it also means 'Pearl!'

In our beloved country a little flower are named after her! In proud colors of pink and white, or yellow, some small and some bigger, they grow easily and thankfully where ever you drop a seed.
And she, she grows where you let her drop a seed of love...
In her proud colors of a ripple of her giggle she grows...on and in you, and in me, forever....

The Agyranthemun, the little flower`s scientific name, but in our folk tongue, a Magrietjie, she grows year after year, treasuring people around her as precious pearls. She strings them together and wears them around her neck, close to her heart.

Some call her the Summersong Daisy, and to us, she sang. She loves the sun, lifts her head up high, enjoys the warmth of her home in Trinidad. But at night she crawls under the covers as she misses home, as she loves the cooler months, and bears more flowers than ever! Even if she has to turn up the aircon in her bedroom to a shivering cold...

To us, she is the party planner, the girl with fun in her eyes, and she found the nourishing vitamins to share with Johan.

To us, she is the girl who touched Marco gently, and laughed at all his jokes.


To us, she was the girl who filled an emptiness. A girl who shared our laughter, our joy, our love...forever!

Good bye, Margaretha...see you soon in 'god' time!


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