Friday, March 15, 2013

She gets her new name!

She touched the water after being on the hard for almost seven months, and again I got that welcome home feeling! She was home indeed, with the water touching her belly...

We sailed to Scotland Bay, a snugly protected bay, and Teresa was ready to name her boat. Rudi, the builder of the Maverick, gave us a little book, "Renaming your boat, and other superstitions.", and we decided to keep this little book a part of the legacy for "Catlyn". We gave that as a gift to Brett and Teresa, writing our message underneath Rudi and Deslyn`s. And in this little book, Teresa found the most beautiful words for Catlyn, to de-naming her, and then a lovely prayer for her new name....Seismic Wave!

She offered the Seas a good share of the champagne, and then we rejoiced with Brett and Teresa and Seismic Wave, and finished the bubbly.

Of course we filled a fourth glass for Joe as well, being a part of our journey for so long, and he shared the moment with us...

And now she is.....Seismic Wave  still the most beautiful boat in the world!


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